About Me

"I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong." - Abraham Lincoln

I am “Sunny Singh”, Candidate for the Municipal Council of Gurgaon (MCG) Councillor Elections from Ward No. 1 Municipal Corporation constituency. I was born on 10th June, 1990 in a nearby village named “Daulatabad” and then later on shifted to New Palam Vihar. My father Surat Singh works here since 1995. I am presently working as a Co-founder of HS3 NIRMAL Infrastructure and Developers and Nirmal Traders and will soon be going to launch an E-commerce Marketplace builderbasket.com. Presently, I am also working with Ch. Hoshiyar Singh Foundation which is actively working to bring awareness among youth about career planning and for the betterment and a happy livelihood of the Elderly people living in the Old Age Homes by organizing get togethers and through other means.

Personal Details

- DOB :10 JUNE 1990
- Age : 26 years
- Spouse : Mrs. Renu
- Son : Shivaansh Janghu

Educational Qualifications

Matric : St. Soldier Sr. Sec. School
10+2 : Rotary Public School
Graduation : Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Technology ( AMITY University, Noida )

"Politics to me is an instrument to bring socio-economic change in the lives of people." - Sunny Singh

Why I am contesting the Elections

I have been a resident of New Palam Vihar since the last 12 years and I have witnessed many elections during this time period, many promises at every level whether it was for Councillor, MLA and MP elections were made regarding Colony Approval for New Palam Vihar. However till this date, there has been no such concrete approval due to which residents have been facing many issues with respect to basic infrastructure and needs such as Roads, Sewerage and General Amenities which have not been taken care of. Therefore I am contesting the MCG Elections from Ward No 1, to positively, innovatively and inclusively work along with the Residents, Government and Non-Government Agencies at all levels to have the New Palam Vihar Colony approved at the earliest possible.

I want to represent and positive, agenda-based and issue-based politics rather than identity-based politics. I want to represent new thinking in politics which views politics as an instrument of socio-economic change rather than politics being a tool for power, influence and position. I want to represent and involve every resident of Ward No. 1 in the journey to development rather than working on electoral arithmetic like conventional politicians whose sole objective is to win elections at any cost. I want to represent Delivery of Promises rather than Making Promises and forgetting them or remembering Promises Made only just before the Elections.

My Vision & Agenda


  1. Develop New Palam Vihar as a Smart Suburb and Ward No. 1 as a Smart Ward
  2. Co-ordinated approach with Government and NGO’s working for Promotion of Education, Helping Elderly, Health Awareness, Cleanliness Drives, Awareness of Traffic Rules
  3. Helpful hand to Youth through Startups and Business Promotion to generate Employment
  4. Campaigning and Counsel Students and Youth to become Better Citizens
  5. Create Awareness about Cleanliness by organizing special Cleanliness Drives
  6. Educated & Empowered WOMEN
  7. A new, developed Ward No. 1 and to make our Ward No. 1 the most Developed Ward in Gurgaon through the best Infrastructure, Power, Water Availability and better facilities in many others areas.
  8. Transformation of our Ward No. 1, from Developing to Developed, from Average to Excellent, from Local to International, from Impossible to Possible, from Small to Big and from Dreams to Reality.
  9. Ensure that every resident will cast their VOTE inorder to elect Action-oriented and Delivery focussed Elected Public Representatives


  1. Work towards Colony Approval
  2. Work towards better and timely service delivery of basic needs like Water, Sewerage system , Infrastructure, Road Works etc.
  3. Work towards development of Parks and Green spaces
  4. Word towards setting up Dispensary & Hospital in our area
  5. Work towards setting up Community Center
  6. Work towards setting up of Public Toilets in crowded places
  7. Work towards setting up Government or Affordable School in our area
  8. Work towards removal of high tension electricity wires from Residential areas
  9. Work towards better and easy Public Transport
  10. Work towards having an influential & unbiased RWA ( Resident Welfare Association ) with maximum Public Involvement
  11. Work towards Multi-tier Security system with the help of CCTV camera’s, Police co-ordination, Public Involvement
  12. Work towards rapid Development Works in our area
  13. Work towards quicker and better implementation of initiatives like new Electricity Distribution System ( including new Electricity Poles, Transformers & Wires )
  14. Work towards having a Maps, Directions, Sign boards for the Colony and Areas under Ward No. 1



My Campaign


Connect with Sunny Singh


Sunny, I support your agenda for better Roads and basic amenities.

Jitender Resident, Ward No. 1.

I support your Agenda for our Colony Approval.

Rohit Resident, Ward No. 1

A positive agenda. My support is always there with you Sunny.

Amit Resident, Ward No. 1

Sunny’s development agenda is innovative and beneficial, I support his vision and his election.

Yogesh Resident, Ward No. 1


Kindly highlight the issues you want to be addressed as part of my Agenda. Give your valuable suggestions to resolve the issues of Ward No. 1. Indicate your support to me by providing your testimonials. Join me in my campaign to make Ward No. 1 a developed Ward by providing your valuable comments.

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